Getting Started

How does SpacePNG works?

SpacePNG is a platform that allows small businesses (SpaceInvaders) to find and rent booths on a weekly/ 3 days (Friday - Sunday) period.


For SpaceInvaders, we make it easy for you to find your preferred places to rent a pop-up booth at our curated places.

What is a Pop-up Booth?

Pop-up booths are temporary spaces within a specific area and time. They are usually open for a few days or weeks. Users can use pop-up booths for different purposes, such as launching new product lines, increasing brand awareness, and selling unique and other products.

User Account

How do I register for an account?

It's simple and easy!


Click on Register button located at the top right corner of the screen. 


Tips: To register without any hassle, click on the Facebook or Google icon ! 

How do I reset my password?

If you are/ have to encounter log-in issues or face "password is incorrect" messages, you can reset your password. All you need is access to the email you used to register your account with us.

Visit spacepng.com/login. You can also access this page from spacepng.com by clicking on "Login".


Click on Forget Password, enter your email, and check your email for further instructions.


From your email, click on the Reset Password button.


In the Reset Password form, enter your email and new password (including a second time for confirmation), and click Reset.


That's it! You can now log in with your new password.

Booking a Space

How do I book a space/event?

- Click on Space Listing on our platform.


- Choose a space you like. Click to select your preferred date and book now!


- To complete your check-out process - You can select different modes of payment by using Tazapay.


- You get to see your booking summary if your booking is confirmed. Please check your email (Inbox/ Spam mail) on your booking confirmation.


- Meantime, you can view your history of bookings in your user's dashboard (If you are a member).


Do note:

1) Once payment is made, your booking will be reviewed (for curated spaces/events). 


2) Some spaces/events require approval before booking confirmation is issued. Your Booking Summary will indicate its status (In Review, Rejected, or Confirmed) accordingly.


What are the payment methods?

We use Tazapay for both international and local payment methods as well.


International Payment

We use Tazapay as one of our preferred payment methods as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, JCB, and UnionPay are accepted.


Local Payment

We do accept local bank transfers and PayNow via Tazapay.

How can I view my past and current bookings?

After logging in, you can access your Bookings in your user's dashboard.


Clicking on the 'Booking' tab will bring you to the Booking Summary for all of the bookings that you have made.


Please view the Booking statuses below for your necessary understanding.


  • In Review: Your booking is being reviewed before approval (curated spaces only).


  • Confirmed: Your booking is ready, and the space is reserved for you.


  • Rejected: Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your booking. We will provide a reason via email.

I was not selected for the specific event/ space. What's next?

Sometimes those curated places will accept specific products and brands, and we manage these through a curated process.


All applications are reviewed when we receive them (your booking will reflect "In Review" status). Because of limited capacity, we regret that not all applications are accepted.


If your booking is not selected, you will have received an email informing you that your booking has been "Rejected".


Our team will contact you in such a case to offer alternatives such as credit or a cash refund. If you haven't heard from us after five working days, please email sales@spacepng.com with your booking ID.

How do I use promotion codes?

When booking a space, you'll see a 'coupon code' field on the checkout page. You can only use one code per order.

SpaceInvader Booths

Is sharing a booth with another SpaceInvader allowed?

Sharing a booth is strictly not allowed. Vendors will have to make a booking separately for two separate booths during the checkout process. However, a vendor can book two booths in one booking and may not need to create a new account.

Is there be any price limit or range if I were to sell my products at any SpaceInvader Booths?

There is no price limit or range for products sold at SpaceInvader locations. However, we recommend reasonable pricing to attract more customers with your unique products.

Any specific locations that are suitable for my products?

All of our SpaceInvader's booth spaces are suited for a variety of unique and curated products. There are no specific product restrictions for different spaces. However, a curated process is still needed to prevent competing products during the event period and of course, prohibited items that harm people are forbidden.

Am I allowed to sell F&B related products?

Yes! Of Course, you are allowed to sell F&B products. 


However, we do require the following information/ criteria from you before you are allowed to start selling at the space/ event


  • Pre-packed products
  • Their products are SFA approved (must send in SFA-approved documents)
  • Produced in a licensed kitchen (must submit relevant documents)
  • No handling of food on-site

Do I have to be present at the booth at all times?

Yes. We allow a maximum of 2 people to man the booth throughout the event. 


SpacePNG will not be liable for any missing products throughout the event period. 

When my Booking is under 'In Review' process, what does it mean?

As mentioned in the section 'Booking a Space - I was not selected for the specific event/ space. What's next?'. 


All bookings will have to undergo a curated process on our end with the product photos submitted during the booking process. All approvals and rejections due to products will be notified to SpaceInvaders a few days after the booking.

How do I know my booth allocation during the event day?

We will send out the booth allocation and floor plan through WhatsApp one week before the event commences.   

I would like to choose my booth position, is that possible?

Booths will be pre-allocated for all SpaceInvaders locations. SpaceInvaders can notify us of their preferred booth position, and our team will try our best to meet your request - you can email us sales@spacepng.com with your booking ID.

If your queries are not answered, we would be happy to answer any questions - Contact Us!